Fiona’s Blog

I have been providing big picture, commercial and practical advice to my clients for over a decade working in boutique family law firms in Sydney, the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

During this time I have seen the way in which the needs of families who have entrusted me to navigate them through a relationship breakdown have evolved. There is an increasing recognition of the damage done to relationships, particularly between parents, by litigation and the need for a better way to resolve disputes following a relationship breakdown.   Whilst this is not always possible and there are some people who will ultimately need a Court to determine their fate this is never the preferred option.

Always on the lookout for the positive in a situation, I work with my clients to find mutually beneficial outcomes and opportunities for them, wherever possible. I treat each of my clients as individuals, learning of their own priorities and goals.

I enjoy working with other professionals to create client-centred processes and collaborative solutions for separating families to resolve disputes respectfully, wherever possible. This includes the use of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and collaboration.

I have started this blog as to share my thoughts about:-

  • the changing face of family law and the tools of the modern family lawyer.
  • practising family law with empathy, focusing on the individual needs of those experiencing separation and divorce, based on their own priorities and goals.
  • the stresses associated with experiencing separation and divorce and also as a family lawyer the importance of developing skills for wellness and resiliency, including through mindfulness and contemplative practices.

Through this blog I hope to open up the dialogue about family law issues and what I believe is a better way more  respectful, client-centred way to practise family law.