My recent podcast and my top tips on how to cultivate mindfulness in law and in life



Earlier this week I was fortunate to be a guest blogger for my friend and colleague, Clarissa Rayward on her The Happy Family Lawyer blog.   This followed a podcast interview on Happy Lawyer Happy Life I recently did with Clarissa about how to use mindfulness practices to be a happy in law and in life.

I enjoyed chatting with Clarissa very much although there was an element of trepidation about doing my very first podcast interview (although I had the easier role of answering rather than asking the questions like Clarissa did).

We chatted about so many things in law and in life, but the main theme was about mindfulness and how I incorporate my mindfulness practice into my everyday work which allows me to manage the stresses that usually come with being a lawyer, connect better with my clients and find real enjoyment in my profession.

We also chatted about: –

  • My experiences as a divorce lawyer
  • How I originally became interested in mindfulness
  • The importance of mentoring in law
  • The right skill sets required to cope
  • Why lawyers need to learn how to “switch off” in order to feel energised
  • How to find the time to be healthy
  • The importance of creating a positive culture in the work environment
  • My tip on taking morning teas at work
  • The science and statistics behind mindfulness
  • How you can bring mindfulness into your workplace
  • Recharging your batteries
  • The art of persuasion
  • Mindfulness in communication
  • Creating an environment where you can thrive
  • My tips for people thinking of getting into law

To listen to my podcast with Clarissa, please click here.


In keeping with this theme when asked to write a guest blog I decided to write about the power of mindful communication.  This is because at one time or another we have all said something we have regretted, or wanted the opportunity to approach a situation with the benefit of hindsight. We have all experienced having said things to our loved ones driven by emotion, when we are tired or distracted, and we later wish we had another opportunity to approach the conversation, the email, or the situation differently. I certainly have.

And all too often in my work as a family lawyer and also in life, I see situations where mindless communication (rather than mindful, conscious communication) can be extremely detrimental to people and their relationships with others.

As the saying goes:

“The tongue is a small thing but what enormous damage it can do”.

In my guest blog for the Happy Family Lawyer, I share:-

  1. Why effective communication is a fundamental skill in life and relationships.
  2. What mindful communication is.
  3. Five ways to cultivate mindful communication.

For my top five tips from my guest blog please click here.


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